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"I really cannot express how valuable these sessions have been to me! Wish I'd done some life coaching years ago! I feel that sometimes a lot is so obvious to me yet somehow with the stresses of living cloud my judgement and choices.


"I really appreciate your time, compassion and professionalism - you are very good at what you do! And when I leave each session I feel so much more positive about the future and what it holds."


“I contacted Christine as I was feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in several aspects of my life and felt like I would benefit from an impartial viewpoint and some new perspectives that might help me find a way forward. 


"When I found out that the sessions would take place over video-chat I admit I was sceptical about whether we could create a good enough rapport, compared to face-to-face. However I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. 


"I had fortnightly sessions over a period of four months and Christine’s kind and constructive approach has really helped me. The structured life-coaching combined with empathy (and some gentle counselling when emotions inevitably surfaced) enabled me to work on each of the aspects I was struggling with and gave me the extra confidence to find a way forward and make gradual improvements which then built upon each other.


"I can highly recommend Christine to anyone who needs a bit of help navigating areas in their life they would like to change, even in the smallest of ways “. 


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