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About Me

I trained as a Coach and Counsellor and currently I am studying as a Mindfulness teacher. My interest is in helping you to live a purposeful, meaningful life which stems from the wisdom I have gained through my own life and experiences.

My belief has been influenced as a Coach and Counsellor by the people I have worked with who have shared their stories. Mindfulness and yoga teachers, have all contributed to my training, bringing awareness, guiding me and enabling me to share with you all that I learned.

As a caring, insightful and motivated Coach and Counsellor I work in a professional manner that is respectful and confidential.

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People drawn to work with me, are usually looking to live a more balanced life but are unsure where to begin.  Helping you work through painful feelings, emotions and situations can transform you, enabling you to live in a more satisfying way.

On my own journey I learned about working from the inside out, rather than reacting to actions and events happening on the outside. This has strengthened my knowledge of myself helping me to live in a more authentic way.

The insights I have gained help me to support you during our work together.

If you are interested and want to talk more, please contact me by phoning 07812 992152 or emailing

All information is confidential.



Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling



Advanced Certificate in Coaching Practice

Acorn principle plus


Mindfulness Level 1

Mindfulness Association

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